New Clients (continued)

New Clients: Important information regarding your first appointment

Please take a moment to review the information below If you did not personally book your first appointment yourself through the online booking system (i.e. I or someone else booked it on your behalf) or if you just need a refresher on the important information that was included there for you.

Note: If you're looking for the page for new clients which includes all the information you need to know about your first appointment, including links to paperwork that needs to be completed before and brought to your first appointment please click here.

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Easter Yassa, R.Psych

what to expect about your first session & working with dr. yassa

1. Dr. Yassa only works with adults aged 18+ years old. You must be 18+ years of age to book an appointment unless otherwise arranged with Dr. Yassa. 

2. New clients must attend an in-person session first before booking an online video conference session. 

3. The last 10 mins at the end of each appointment are set aside for your therapist to write case notes in your file (i.e., if your appointment is 90 mins in length you will meet with your therapist for 80 mins and after your departure your therapist will use the remaining 10 mins to write notes about your session).

4. Dr. Yassa does not work with domestic violence, custody issues, legal issues (pending or current), or disability claims. If one of these is an issue for you currently please let me know so you can be provided with an appropriate referral.

5. First sessions are considered intake sessions and are an opportunity for you and your therapist to determine if you can work together and your therapist can help you with the concern(s) you have. At the end of the session you and/or your therapist may decide to book another appointment together or instead that a referral is needed in order to meet your needs better. If you have questions about this please ask. 

6. You will need to review, print off and fill out certain forms and bring them with you to the first appointment completed. 

7. Submitting an online first session booking request indicates that you have understood #6 above and consent to said forms being emailed to you using the email address you have used to book your appointment. If you would prefer another method be used to receive these forms please contact Dr. Easter Yassa directly at eyassa@IMATTER2.com .

are you a new, returning or existing client? 


Please click here now to be taken to a webpage which includes all the information you need to know about your first appointment, including links to paperwork that needs to be completed before and brought to your first appointment. All the necessary forms are linked off this webpage and will open when you click on them.


Thank you for choosing to book another appointment. Just a reminder that my policy is that if you have met with me within the last 6 months, you are considered an active client. If it has been 6 months or longer since you last met with me you are no longer considered an active client. Please keep in mind that my current session rate applies for all new and inactive but returning clients. 


Please note that all new clients must attend an in-person session first before booking an online video conference session. If you are an existing client and have signed up for an online video conference session please make sure to complete and submit the Consent Form for Communication or Session by Online Video Conference found here

using the online booking system


Please note that this online system allows you to request an appointment spot and you will receive a confirmation email from Dr. Easter Yassa when it has been confirmed as booked. If the date or time you've selected is not available for some reason Dr. Easter Yassa will contact you within 24 hours with alternative options.

As all technology can experience hiccups at times, if you have not heard back a response to your online booking request within 2 business days please check your spam or junk mail folder and, if not there, email Dr. Easter Yassa directly at eyassa@imatter2.com .


If this is your first time booking an appointment with Dr. Easter Yassa through the online booking system you will be sent a verification email to to the email address you provided after you select an appointment time and fill out the booking form. Please make sure you hit the 'submit' or 'save' or 'book my appointment' button after you have selected your preferred appointment spot.

You must open that email and click the verification link inside to verify your email address within 10 minutes of receipt in order to confirm your selected appointment time or it will be released (i.e., not booked) so that other clients can book it.  When you have verified your email address with us once you will not be asked to do it again the next time you book. Proceeding with using the online booking system serves as confirmation that you understand the above and are aware that you will receive a verification email from this booking system.


When you book an appointment using the online booking system you will be asked a series of brief but important questions. If you are seeing Dr. Yassa for the first time (i.e., you are booking a first session) please take a moment to respond to each question by selecting the answer that best fits from each drop down menu. Please do not submit any Protected Health Information.

If howeveryou are returning to the online booking system to book a follow up appointment and/or you have already been seen by Dr. Yassa you do not need to answer these questions again. The only question the will remain required is whether you consent to Dr. Yassa contacting you by email. 

what happens to your credit card information you entered?

By entering your credit card information you have not been charged for the session you just booked. Payment for the session you booked will take place at your session. You will NOT be charged for this or future appointments ahead of time using the credit card information your entered unless you do not provide the minimum notice required for cancellation/ rescheduling (i.e., 24-business-hours, M-F, and the Thursday prior by 5pm for all Saturday appointments) or you do not show up for your appointment. Your credit card information will simply be securely stored. If this presents an issue for you or you would prefer not to submit your credit card information please contact me to discuss other options.

Cancellation, rescheduling and no show policy

If you must miss or reschedule an appointment please provide at least 24-business-hours notice (M-F, and by the Thursday prior at 5pm for all Saturday appointments) by logging into the online booking system to reschedule or cancel, by email, or by phone. When you are unable to attend your scheduled appointment and don't provide notice, another client who may be in need of and eagerly waiting for an available spot doesn't get to benefit. Unfortunately, because of this, no shows and cancellations made with less than 24-business-hours notice (and after the Thursday prior at 5pm for all Saturday appointments) will be charged at the full rate

Thank you and I look forward to meeting you.

Dr. Easter Yassa, R.Psych


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