For Men

services for men

Yes, I also work with men. I have had the privilege of working with many men over the years to help themachieve their mental health and wellness goals. The wellbeing of men in our society can have a tremendous impact on the lives of the women and children in their lives, not to mention their partners and co-workers. See below for the particular areas in which I am interested in working with my male clients.

redefining masculinity

Questioning traditional hand-me-down versions of masculinity? Deciding for yourself what it means to be a man means sorting out what you want to keep and what needs evolving to match your values and the life you want.

work-related stressors

Stressors at work can leave you feeling out of control, overwhelmed, irritable and anxious. Managing stress related to work can help you maintain balance and focus, and keeping those relationships that matter to you. 


Trauma can happen whenever you encounter life experiences that overwhelm your resources to cope. But stoicism has a cost and you don't need to suffer in silence. You can heal from trauma and you don't have to do it alone.

grief & loss

When you lose someone (or a beloved animal) in your life you may experience painful feelings of sadness, rumination, regret, and even guilt. Moving forward while remembering and honouring the loss can happen when you process the grief.


Worry, panic, and fear can make you lose focus, your life uncomfortable, and your body and mind feel out of control. Identifying the cause of your anxiety, and learning ways to calm your body and mind can help you refocus on the life you want. 

purpose & meaning

At various times in our lives we may find ourselves questioning where our journey has taken us and choices we may or may not have made. You can decide your purpose and make meaning from your journey and even your suffering.


Darkness covered him leaving him barely standing.

Fighting his way to the light he stood and faced his world.

It had changed and so had he.

Now with both the dark and the light whirling inside of him,

he offered his mix to the world.

- Terri St. Cloud, BoneSighArts